The Research Conference “The Social and Economic Aspects of the Eurasian Integration” was held in Russian Customs Academy, November 30, 2016



The conference was organized and held by the Organizational Committee of the Faculty of Economics in the Analytical and Situational Training Center of the Academy.
More than 40 people took part in the conference, including:
  • The representatives of the Eurasian Economical Commission;
  • The professors of the Faculty of Economics, University of Niš, Serbia;
  • The researchers and lecturers of universities, research institutes and expert centers of Russia (Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, the CIS Institute, Institute of Social and Economic Studies of Population of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow Witte University);
  • The professors and postgraduates of Russian Customs Academy. 


Several reports were made during the conference by the participants, among them are:
  • Jadranka Đurović Todorović, Dean of the Faculty of Customs, University of Niš, Serbia, Ph.D., Vesna Jancovic-Milic, Ph.D., lecturer of University of Niš, Serbia, Žarko Popović, Ph.D., lecturer of University of Niš with a report on the topic: “The interdependence of expenditure on education and GDP in Serbia and neighboring countries”;
  • Migranyan Azganush, Head of the Department of Economics, the CIS Institute, Doctor of Economics, Professor, on the theme: “Prospects and development risks of the EAEU in the modern conditions”;
  • Tkachenko Marina, Head of the Chair of the International Economic Relations, Russian Customs Academy, Doctor of Economics, Assistant Professor with report: “Formation of a single labor market in the conditions of the multilevel Eurasian integration”;
  • Gupanova Julia, Professor at the Chair of Customs Economics, Russian Customs Academy, Doctor of Economics, Assistant Professor on the topic: “Issues of providing the customs service during the development of the Eurasian integration”.
During the conference the actual issues of the Eurasian integration, the problems of forming the single labor market, capital, the EAEU enlargement, regulations of mutual and foreign trade, service market, including customs and insurance services, were reviewed. The conference participants discussed the existing problems and suggested recommendations how to solve them.
The conference materials will be published in the conference proceedings book.

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