The students of Russian Customs Academy took part in the International Interuniversity Conference “The Eurasian Economic Union model”, November 28-30, 2016



The International Interuniversity Conference “The Eurasian Economic Union model” was organized by the World Economy and International Affairs Faculty of National Research University “Higher School of Economics”.
The conference was attended by students from various countries, including such distant states as China and the USA.  
Russian Customs Academy was represented by:
  • I. Sergeev, Dean of the Faculty of Customs, PhD in Economics;
  • Julia Kisova, Egor Kolesnikov and Darya Grevtseva, the 2nd year students of the Faculty of Customs.




At the opening ceremony the chief economist of Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) Yaroslav Lisovolik delivered a lecture on the topic: “The Eurasian model of the Russian economy modernization”.




The EAEU model is a business game, in which students reproduced the functioning process of the Eurasian Economic Union, studied its structure and the institutes of the integration union. The participants of the EAEU model acted as the official representatives of the EAEU member states, gathered to discuss the important issues of establishing the integration union. 


The main goal of each Committee is to achieve a final decision for each discussed question and to send it to the EAEU administration. Also, a fundamentally new Committee “EAEU-SCO-ASEAN” was established with the English language adopted as the official one. The priority questions of cooperation were discussed at this platform.

In this business game the Academy’s students represented the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Kirgizstan in the Eurasian Economic Commission Committee. The experts noted a good level of knowledge and skills demonstrated by our students. 
Largely thanks to the contribution of the Academy’s students a final document on the agenda “The common customs space: difficulties and possibilities” was adopted after 3 days of constructive work and heated debates.
At the closing ceremony Vladimir Pereboyev, the department head at the EDB Centre for Integration Studies, delivered a report on the theme “The factors of the EAEU internal strength and external stability”.
The participation of the Academy’s students in the International Interuniversity Conference “The Eurasian Economic Union model” allowed the participants to enhance their knowledge about the EAEU development and to understand the mechanisms of the integration union.

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