A retreat lesson with the 4th year students at the “Uniworld 2016”



A retreat lesson with the 4th year students of the Faculty of Economics was organized by E. Terehova and Z .Lemesheva, the lecturers at the Chair of Customs Economics on October 26, 2016




“Uniworld 2016” – is a big, bright and unforgettable event for the most talented and active students, annually organized by the international company of British-Dutch origin “Unilever”. Today the company is one of the world leaders on the food and household chemical markets, holding the second place by sales in their respective segments.




During the event students listened to the lectures in the “TedTalks” format, took part in various master classes, and tried their skills in solving real business challenges such as development of clients or supply chains, similar to those, that are given at the famous business championships. At various seminars they received useful practical knowledge about planning advertisement campaigns, new products launch, joint programs with retailers, e-commerce development and the optimization of the factory lines.


Also the students met with the leaders of companies, who answered their questions.


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