Russian Customs Academy celebrated the 250th birthday of the Russian historian and writer Nicolay Karamzin



A lecture-presentation “The creator of The History of the Russian State” was read by A. Bychkov, the Associate Professor at the Chair of the Humanitarian Disciplines, Ph.D. in Social Sciences.
A.V. Bychkov introduced the life and works of N. Karamzin to the students. He read the famous quotations of the writer’s contemporaries, demonstrated the writings, published in the “Moscow Journal”. Students listened with great interest about the Karamzin’s travels across Europe, which resulted in “Letters of the Russian Traveler”.
The lecture touched the main Karamzin’s work “The History of the Russian State”. In this writing he tried to describe the greatness of the Russian history, its bright expressiveness and originality. In his speech A. Bychkov noted that Karamzin created as a historian a work that attracts historians and readers even in the XXI century. The writer showed the history of the Motherland to the Russian society. He considered history a science that should educate and guide people in everyday life. Karamzin sought to create an accessible to all, interesting historical composition that could influence the imagination and feelings of people, develop patriotism and moral purity in them. In “The History of the Russian State” the writer captured remarkable personalities, great rulers, who influenced the course of history, contributed to the rise and strengthening of Russia. He emphasized that “the spirit of people creates the moral power of the state”.
The lecture was concluded by a film about the life and works of Nicolay Karamzin.




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