The contest of speakers “Leafing through the pages of history” dedicated to the 250th anniversary of N. Karamzin



13122016_tit1On December 12, 2016, the contest of speakers “Leafing through the pages of history” was held in Russian Customs Academy. The subject was defined by the significant date of the N. Karamzin’s 250th anniversary.

The competition allowed to find the most eloquent student of the Academy and to remember the important historical events.

The audience led by the competitors made an amazing time trip, they remembered about the famous Battle on Ugra, completed a short course with the students of the Smolny Institute, honored the memory of the Leningrad defenders, marched in one formation with the soldiers of the legendary parade in the Red Square of November 1941, tensely followed the Nurnberg Process, speculated about the reasons that led to a terrible catastrophe of September 11, 2001…

The event underlined that nobody should stay indifferent to the events of the past, as only our memory and understanding of the historical facts keep us from mistakes in the future. This was the main point of the participants when they addressed the audience: “Remember!”

The performances were evaluated by the following points: correspondence to the chosen subject, accurateness of speech, artistry, following the contest rules, the video content.

The places were distributed in the following order:

  • The 1st place - Anna Zenina, the 4th year student of the Faculty of Economics, with the theme of "The Legendary Parade of 1941";
  • The 2nd place - Kirill Sobolev, the 1st year student of the Faculty of Customs, with the report "The Battle of Kursk";
  • The 3rd place - Nikita Kovalev, the 2nd year student of the Faculty of Law, with the presentation “September 11, 2001".

The emotional performance of Elina Shugaeva, the 2nd year student of the Faculty of Law, was awarded in the “Artistry” nomination.

The award of the “The heritage of N. Karamzin” nomination was given to Irina Hritoshina, the 2nd year student of the Faculty of Customs

What is the historical memory? It is the  life experience, knowledge of the events, which we lived through and felt, which are reflected emotionally in our consciousness. On December 12, 2016, the participants of the contest of speakers contributed to the weaving of the historical memory.

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