The singer contest “Faculty of Customs lights a star”



On December 16, 2016, the Faculty of Customs held a contest “Faculty of Customs seeks talents” at Russian Customs Academy. For the second year the students of the faculty show the audience their vocal talents.


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The contest is divided into several stages. At the stage “Homework” the theme of which were the “songs about important things in life”, the students skillfully performed their favorite songs. The musicians from the group “Boys band”, who not only sang but also masterfully played the instruments, conquered the hearts of the audience and jury.



At the second stage “Shifters” the contestants demonstrated the knowledge of musical compositions. The audience also took part in it.


The winners were defined by the board of judges:

  • E. Cherniavskaya, Head of the Academic Department;
  • S. Nikitina, Deputy Head of the Department of Cultural Affairs;
  • A. Remez, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Customs;
  • A. Lubik, Chairman of the student council of the Faculty of Customs;
  • A. Parienko, the Grand Prix of the XX contest of the Russian FCS winner.


They chose winners in the following nominations:

  • "Best Duo" - Sabine and Irina Zagornyakova Garanina, the 1st year students;
  • "Musical Erudite" - Anna Atlasova, the 2nd year student, Olga Shablo, the 3rd year student;
  • "Discovery of the Year" - a quartet «Boys-band», consisting of students of the 1-4 courses of the Faculty of Customs and the Faculty of Law;
  • "People's Choice Award" - Valerya Voyakina and Tatiana Sumbol, the 1st year students.




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