Russian Customs Academy held the event “Best films are for students”, December 21, 2016



11112016 was declared the Year of Russian Cinema. The project was intended to draw attention of the society to the national cinema. As follows from the explanatory note to the Decree of the President, holding the Year of Russian Cinema after the Year of Literature at the Russian Customs Academy is continuing the focused state policy of popularization, improving the quality and social importance of cinema.





On December 21, 2016, the event “Best films are for students” was organized in the concert hall of the Academy in the framework of the Year of Russian Cinema.
The students prepared and held a quiz dedicated to the national cinema, in which participated the administration and students of the Academy.



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After the quiz the famous and beloved film “Carnival Night” directed by Eldar Ryazanov was demonstrated.


This year is anniversary for “Carnival Night”, as it was shown on the screens of the Soviet theaters on the eve of the New Year on December 29, 1956. The film was debut for a young director, but it instantly made him and Lyudmila Gurchenko, the 2nd year student of Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography famous.




During the first year “Carnival Night” was watched by 50 million people, it holds the 53rd place among the most visited national films for the whole history of the Soviet cinema. The film songs “5 minutes” and “The smile” are known to all in Russia, and a lot of phrases became popular idioms.


Eldar Ryzanov died last year, but his films will always stay with viewers. “Hussar Ballad”, “Beware of the car”, “Old men-robbers”, “Office romance”, “Railway station for two”, “Say a word for the poor hussar”, “A cruel romance” and many other films are still being watched.  And, of course, every Russian New Year is not complete without “The irony of fate”.   




The activity of the cinema club is going to be continued at the Academy in 2017.


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