The International Conference on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights was held at the Russian Customs Academy



On April 26 2018, the Russian Customs Academy became a venue for an International Conference on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights by Customs Authorities.
More than 160 representatives of the Federal Customs Service of Russia, business communities, major law firms, legal owners, faculty, researchers and young scientists of the Academy attended the Conference. 
The event was organized by Department of Trade Barriers, Currency and Export Control of the FCS of Russia. 
T. I. Maksimov, Deputy Head of the Federal Customs Service opened the Conference and wished the participants fruitful work. Addressing the participants of the Conference, T.I. Maksimov emphasized that intellectual property is an important component of the economic system of any country. The effectiveness of economic reforms and the economic stability of the state depend on how the intellectual property market functions.
S.V. Shklyaev, Head of Department of Trade Barriers, Currency and Export Control of the FCS of Russia, addressed the Conference participants with a welcoming speech. During his speech S.V. Shklyaev noted that effective protection of intellectual property is, first of all, the preservation of public health; prevention of harm to the consumer; increasing the investment attractiveness of the country due to the lack of unfair competition in the commodity market; ensuring the collection of payments to the federal budget.
 Three Discussion Panels were held during the Conference:
  • the 1st Discussion Panel: “Providing to the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Modern Stage by Customs Authorities”;
  • the 2nd  Discussion Panel: “Actual Issues of Tackling the Counterfeit Goods”;
  • the 3rd  Discussion Panel: “The Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, Practical Aspects”.
 The seminar on the theme “Practical Aspects of Interaction between Customs Services and Representatives of the Business Community of the EAEU member States on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights” was a separate issue of the Conference. The topic was attended by representatives of the Customs Services and the business communities of the member States of the EEU. Special attention was paid to the issue of combating Customs authorities' illegal importation of counterfeit goods transported in international postal items to Russia and the EAEU.
 Thus, not only the most acute issues of protection of Customs bodies of the rights to objects of intellectual property the discussions, but also the measures taken by the authorities and the business community to ensure compliance with the obligations of the Government of the Russian Federation on protection of rights to objects of intellectual property, purification of the consumer market of the Eurasian Economic Union, including the Russian Federation, from counterfeit products were discussed.
On the eve of the 2018 FIFA World Cup to be held in Russia, the discussion of joint measures by Customs authorities and Federation of the International Football Association for the protection of goods with the FIFA logo aroused particular interest.
 In the Russian Customs Academy was launched an exhibition dedicated to the results of the FCS of Russia to identify counterfeit products, as well as samples of original and counterfeit goods.
 Summing up the results of the Conference, the Head of the Academy, doctor of Economics, Professor V.B. Mantusov thanked the participants for effective work and stressed that the creation of a developed intellectual property market was necessary not only for the improvement of the Russian economic system, but also for the growth of interregional and international innovation cooperation.
On behalf of the Federal Customs Service, the participants were awarded certificates. 
In the course of the work, agreements were also reached on the implementation by the Customs authorities and the business community of a set of joint measures for the protection of rights, which was a logical result of the event. 
As a result of the Conference it is planned to publish a collection of materials.

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