The final of the all-Russian stage of the all-Russian student contest on the speciality “Customs”



Within two days, the participants competed in personal and team competitions, performed theoretical and practical tasks, the content of which corresponds to the educational program in the specialty “Customs” in the disciplines (modules):
  • Customs operations and Customs procedures;
  • Customs control;
  • Administrative and legal basis of the activities of Customs authorities;
  • Basis of qualification and investigation of crimes in the field of Customs;
  • Commodity science, expertise in Customs and HS;
  • Customs duty;
  • Customs value control;
  • Foreign language;
  • State regulation of foreign trade activities. 


During the contest the participants solved situational problems, filled in passenger declaration and took part in creative competition, which was held within of disciplines “History of Customs and Customs policy of Russia”, “Fundamentals of Customs” and “Foreign language”.
In the individual championship the participants competed:
  • solution of 10 situational tasks;
  • the correctness of filling in goods declaration.
The use of information and educational environment allowed to objectively and quickly assess the completed tasks.
The stage of the personal championship associated with filling in goods declaration was held with the use of the software product of the company “Alta-Soft”.
In the creative competition, each team was asked to perform a competitive task in the following categories: recitation of a literary text (its passage) on the Customs theme or staging of the “case at Customs”.
The winners and prize-winners of the team championship were determined by summing up the number of points for the creative competition and the number of points of one participant from the educational organization that showed the greatest result in the personal championship.
On the 25 of May, the winners and prize-winners were awarded following the results of the all-Russian stage of the all-Russian student contest in the speciality "Customs".
The award ceremony was held by the Head of the Russian Customs Academy, Doctor of Economics, Professor Vladimir Mantusov.
In his address, the Head of the Academy thanked the participants and team leaders, noted the high level of training of students who took part in the contest, congratulated the winners and presented them with awards.

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