The students of the Academy were awarded with certificates of clinical legal education




4 June 2018, V.B. Mantusov, Head of the Academy, Doctor of Economics, Professor awarded the students of Faculty of Law with certificates of clinical legal education.
The ceremony of awarding certificates was attended by:
  • E.V. Lobas, First Vice-Rector (for Academic Affairs), PhD in Economics;
  • I.G. Tsopanova, Dean of Faculty of Law, PhD in Law;
  • I.I. Sharapov, Head of legal clinic.
Head of the Academy said: “Today we are holding a solemn ceremony of awarding the certificate of clinical legal education to students. In the five months of this year, they have consulted more than 200 people, mostly low-income citizens, who are unable to pay for information on legal issues. For example, at the polling stations in the elections in March 2018, 44 citizens were consulted by students. Since the establishment of the legal clinic, more than 1,400 citizens have received free legal assistance”.
Addressing the graduates of the law clinic, I.I. Sharapov thanked the students for their enthusiasm, care, success, which they have achieved in the study of law and applied in practice during consultations of citizens. He also said: “Training at the Faculty of Law and the application of knowledge in practice in the clinic help students to better understand the theoretical foundations”.
We congratulate the Faculty and students of the Faculty of Law and wish them further success within the framework of legal education.

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