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Scientific Journal «The Russian Customs Academy Messenger»




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The journal “The Russian Customs Academy Messenger” is included into the List of the top reviewed scientific journals and papers publishing the principal scientific research results of doctoral thesis and dissertations of candidates of science. (Decision of the Presidium of the Superior certifying commission on 19.02.2010  №6/6).


The journal is intended to be used by post-graduate students, persons working for doctor's degree, lecturers of the higher educational institutions, researchers.


The founder and the editor of the journal is the State educational institution of the higher professional education “The Russian Customs Academy” (the mass media registration certificate ПИ № ФС77-81959 от 05.10.2021).


The main themes

  • Customs theory;
  • Customs history;
  • Customs policy;
  • Law issues of customs;
  • Economic aspects of customs activity;
  • Foreign-economic activity;
  • Customs law enforcement activity;
  • Information security of customs activity;
  • Customs information technologies;
  • Technologies and technical means of customs control;
  • Point of view;
  • Language (terminology) aspects of professional communication;
  • Methodology and methods of scientific research;
  • Educational activity;
  • The first steps in science;


General requirements to the scientific articles submitted for publication in the journal
“Vestnic of Russian Customs Academy”
1. The subject of the article has to be of current importance, be of scientific or both of scientific and practical value (for customs mainly) and be published by the authors for the first time.
2. The article has to be submitted with a short abstract (five or six lines) both in English and in Russian, with up to 10 key-words (both in English and in Russian). The author has to state the following information as well: the author’s  full name, academic degree, academic status, the organization, current position, office or home phone-number, e-mail address.
3. The article is submitted to the scientific editor by e-mail: Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript . The acceptance of articles for publication in the next issue (the journal is published quarterly) will be discontinued by the 10th of the second month of the quarter (February, May, August, November).
4. As a rule one issue of the journal contains only one article of the same author.
5. The length of the article should not exceed 12 pages, including tables, illustration work and the list of bibliography (аs a rule about 10 items), all the pages are to be numbered.
The list of bibliography is placed at the end of the article in the order they are mentioned in the text of the paper. The references of the cited editions are to be marked in square brackets [ ].
The bibliography references are to be printed according to the state standard Р “Bibliography references. General requirements and rules of format’.
6. Formatting of the article
The article is printed on paper size A4 sheets using Times New Roman font 14.
The format is detailed below:
For pages:
Margins: Top: 2,0 cm; Left: 2,0 cm; Right: 2,0 cm; Bottom: 2,5 cm;
Binding: 0;
From the edge to the catchword:
upper catchword– 1,0 cm; bottom catchword– 1,5 cm;
Indent of paragraphs is 1,25
Line Spacing All: 1,5cm
All papers have to be written in DOC format using Microsoft Office Word.
The text file should have the title according to the author’s name. Illustrations are presented with their numbers and symbols. The illustrations are to be numbered and signed. The graphics is to be attached in a separate file in the original format which can be edited. The following formats are accepted *.pcx, *.tif, *.eps, *.cdr. The electronic carrier should not have any other file. Equations are to be made in equation editor Microsoft Equation 3,0 which is an integral part of Microsoft Word-2007.
7. Articles are reviewed by the Russian Customs Academy scientists having doctor's degree or Ph.D., specialists in the fields of Law, Economics, Customs business and other areas. The review by scientific supervisor is obligatory for post-graduate students.
8.  As soon as the article is scientifically reviewed and its publication is approved, the author(s) is informed about it. Within one month the author(s) has to send or deliver personally two copies of the filled in and signed contract to the address stated in p.9 of these Requirements. The contract gives editor the right of the article usage under the conditions of non-repayable non-exclusive license. The Form of the contract is sent by the editor or can be copied at the web-site of the Academy:, section «editorial-publishing department», subsection «The Russian Customs Academy Messenger».
9. Reviews (for graduate students) and contracts are to be sent to the address: 140015, Lubertsy town, Moscow region, Komsomolsky pr., 4, Russian Customs Academy, scientific-educational building, scientific information research in customs department, room 118b. They can be also delivered personally.
10. The articles are not accepted and published in case they do not meet the stated requirements and terms. The authors are informed about the editorial decision by e-mail.
11. The articles written by post-graduates are published free of charge.
The editorial office contact tel.number: +7 (495) 500-13-01 (article publication);
The editorial-publishing department contact tel.number: +7 (495) 559-02-88 (purchasing of the journal).
The editorial office e-mail: Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript



The subscription to the journal “The Russian Customs Academy Messenger” can be ordered in any post office of “The Russian Post”. The subscription catalog index«Газеты. Журналы» of the «Роспечать» agency is 48638.

The journal can be also purchased in cash in the Russian Customs Academy. Tel number of the selling department is +7(495) 559-02-88.

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