Russia has had a Customs service in some form during the past 1000 years. The creation of an effective professional development and training system became one of the major requirements for improving the Russian Federation customs activity.
The idea of creating in the USSR a special customs education institution of higher education was born in the late eighties of the last century. Thus Institute of qualification improvement and retraining of Customs Service staff was founded in 1989. In this period started active drafting of the founding documents of Russian Customs Academy, a new and unique institution of higher education.
On October 25, 1991 State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation was created, which significantly increased the role of Customs Service. Thousands of new employees, unfamiliar with the customs work were attracted into its ranks. The task of preparing the professional personnel became the primary issue.
In the result, the Government Decree of the Russian Federation №940 of September 22, 1993 was issued, which decided to establish Russian Customs Academy with a granted status of the Federal State Institution.
At the time of its founding, higher education in the field of customs were provided only by Customs Academy in Malaysia, created in 1957, and 2 educational centers in Germany. In the mid nineties they were joined by the Shanghai Customs Institution in China.
The first Head of Academy became Professor Nikolay Michaylovich Blinov, Ph.D., a great scientist in the field of Labor Sociology, Political Science and other scientific spheres, and it was he, who created the scientific school of the Academy. As a talented organizer and a teacher he contributed greatly to the conceptual basis of the Academy activity.
Soon, according to the State Customs Committee of Russia decrees, Academy branches in Saint Petersburg on July 15, 1994, in Vladivostok on December 21, 1994 and in Rostov on June 30, 1995 were founded.
The first academic year started on October 2, 1994.
The Academy acquired the legal entity status from the moment of its registration made by the administration of Lubertsy in Moscow region on February 5, 1996 (certificate №152).
From the first days of its foundation the Academy and its branches were focused on training in accordance with the International Standard Classification of Education adopted by UNESCO, using the capabilities of the Russian Federation multilevel system of higher education.


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