Russian Customs Academy is the leading educational, scientific and methodological center for professional education of the customs services’ personnel of the Russian Federation and the Common Economic Space state-members.
The accumulated experience of the Academy allows training future specialists, using the latest educational and informational technologies in the line with the current international state-of-the-art, like:
  • Complex of educational process automation “Customs”, providing the main computerized forms of education for Federal Customs Service, based on the usage of elements of the Russian Federal Customs Service unified protected informational and educational environment. It ensures the automation of the main educational processes in the Academy;
  • Multipurpose teaching complex “Situation”, allowing the analysis and modeling of various situations and processes in the field of Customs. The complex is used for training (and retraining) of Customs officials;
  • The Academy information and reference system, which purpose is providing with the complete range of informational services to increase the effectiveness of the educational process and to ensure all day to day Academy activity;
  • The complex training system “Inspector” is in the process of development. It allows the individualization of education for the Academy students. The complex gives means to train customs specialists at their workplaces, without diverting from their duties.


At present, in conditions when the customs bodies are equipped with the modern informational technologies, the Academy approach to students practice is significantly changed. It becomes much more intensive, deepened, which allows developing firm practical skills of customs operations, ensuring focused preparation of students for independent work.
Customs Academy possesses modern classrooms for conducting lectures and seminars, equipped with technical training aids.




1 - Education and laboratory building №1

6 - Sport facilities

11 - The training complex (project)

2 - Education and laboratory building №2

7 - Education and Science building

12 - Swimming pool (project)

3 - Library building

8 - Control checkpoints

13 - Dormitory №3 (project)

4 - Dormitory

9 - Health center

5 - Canteen

10 - Educational and laboratory building №3 (project)

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