Research Institute of Russian Customs Academy was established in 2014. It is the scientific department of Russian Customs Academy, conducting scientific and research activity within the Academy Charter framework.


lipatovs Nadezhda Lipatova  

Acting Head of Institute,

Ph.D. in Engineering,

Senior Researcher


Tel. +7 (495) 500-13-90

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Key activities of the Institute are:
  • Fundamental, applied, scientific  researches  and development programs in the field of Customs;
  • Participation in technical research programs, grant competitions, and other forms of research activities, conducted by ministries and institutions to meet the Academy credential criteria;
  • Writing scientific papers: monographs, articles, treatises, reports, textbooks and others;
  • Production of “The Russian Customs Academy Messenger”,  reviewed scientific periodical journal on economical and law issues,  included into Russian Higher Attestation Commission  list;
  • Production of informational and analytical materials for Academy administration, portal, conferences, boards and mass media.


Research activity. Currently the Academy is one of the leading centers of the customs science and education. Every year the Academy and the branches perform 50 – 60 research works. The main document defining the subject of the Academy scientific research is the “Themes for the advanced scientific research of the Russian Customs Academy in 2014 – 2020”.


According to the Themes and taking into account the Development Strategy of the Russian Federal Customs Service till 2020 the scientific research in the Academy is carried out on the following strategic directions: protection of the Russian economy using the customs methods; customs control improvement; law enforcement activity; fight against smuggling, corruption and countering terrorism; management of the customs business; development of the educational technology for the effective human capacity building in the customs authorities; maintenance of the customs activity; promoting the development of the integration processes and international cooperation; historical and humanitarian aspects of the customs business. 


Research work of the students (RWS) is organized according to the main purpose of the Academy – training of the qualified specialists with the higher education and also the highest qualified teaching staff based on the latest scientific achievements.


The Scientific Student Society (SSS) of the Russian Customs Academy is a public organization. It consists of the students taking an active part in the students’ research work and also the trainers and research workers, leading the students’ activity. 




The main direction of the SSS activity is development and strengthening of the scientific and professional skills of the students. 


An important part of the Academy scientific activity is Postgraduate training of the higher qualified scientific and teaching staff for Doctorate of the Academy.


The Postgraduate study and Doctorate of the Academy are the main forms of the scientific and teaching staff training in the system of the postgraduate professional education, providing the opportunity to get the highest scientific and teaching qualification.


The Postgraduate study is provided by five scientific branches (technical, economic, legal, historical and political) and on eleven licensed specialties.


According to the international agreements of the Russian Federation and interagency agreements of the Russian Federal Customs Service the foreign citizens also have the opportunity to get the highest scientific and teaching qualification in the postgraduate study. Currently 14 foreign citizens train in the postgraduate study of the Academy.


Nine scientific schools guided by the leading scientists of the Academy work in the system of the highly qualified scientific and teaching staff training. The main objectives of the scientific school are holding of the creative discussions on the most current scientific and educational activities of the Academy; dissemination of the scientific knowledge and research results by means of participation in the scientific conferences and workshops; methodological support of the educational process; PhD and Dr. training.


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