The Institute of Law Enforcement is a structural training and scientific sub-division of the Academy, which provides professional retraining and qualification improvement for the law enforcement departments of Russian customs authorities as well as for the foreign customs authorities according to the existing international agreements.

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The Institute was established in 2001 to improve the training system for the law enforcement departments of the Russian Federal Customs Service entrusted with the functions of agencies of inquiry and actors of the operative investigation activity.
The Institute has a modern organizational structure, including two chairs (Chair of Operative Investigation Activity and Chair of Customs Investigations), a training and methodological department to effectively solve the assigned tasks.
More than 39 additional professional educational programs are developed and implemented in the Institute. These programs familiarize the students with the customs authorities activity in the field of fighting against smuggling and corruption, self-security ensuring, organization and tactics of the administrative investigations, inquiries and other types of law enforcement.
The ways of information exchange between the Institute and law enforcement divisions of the customs authorities are constantly developed and improved to increase the effectiveness of the additional professional educational programs.
The academic staff of the Institute chairs has a great scientific potential and provides education on a high methodical level. The leading lecturers and trainers of the Institute are the recognized experts in the field of the operative investigation activity and possess extensive experience of working in the law enforcement authorities. The administration of the Institute pays attention to the ways of improving the efficiency and quality of all training session types, enhancing the informational and methodical support of the educational process, and implements the innovative educational technologies, active forms and methods of training into the educational process.
 The Law Enforcement Institute actively cooperates with the educational institutions of other law enforcement Ministries and agencies in the implementation of the joint educational projects. The Institute organizes scientific and practical conferences, round tables, subject workshops and other forms of scientific work.
The Law Enforcement Institute takes an active part in the international cooperation of the Russian Federal Customs Service and Russian Customs Academy, aimed at creating the unified educational space of the Customs Union and the CIS member states in the field of the personnel training for the customs law enforcement divisions.


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