The Faculty of Customs was created as the subdivision of the Academy in 1994. It is the main training and scientific subdivision of the Academy that realizes higher education programs preparing specialists for customs authorities of Russia and the CIS member states.

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Igor Sergeev Dean of the Faculty of Customs 
Tel.: +7 (495) 559-04-33
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Elizaveta Kostik Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs

Tel.: +7 (495) 503-77-55

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The Faculty realizes the higher professional education programs in “Customs Service” awarding the degree "Specialist of Customs Service”.
The Faculty includes six Chairs:
  • Chair of Customs Operations and Customs Control;
  • Chair of Customs Revenue and Tariff Regulation;
  • Chair of Commodity Research and Customs Examination;
  • Chair of Management;
  • Chair of English Language;
  • Chair of Informatics and Information Customs Technologies.
At present the Faculty has specialized auditoriums for studying technical means of customs control, commodity research and customs examination, informatics and information customs technologies, and also language labs and other laboratories. 
The following specialization programs are realized within the “Customs Service” qualification to prepare students for specific professional activities and to deepen their special knowledge: 
  1. Customs Payments;
  2. Organization of Customs Control;
  3. Commodity Research and Customs Examination;
  4. Information Systems and Customs Technologies.
The content of the educational programs for Specialist degree is generated according to the demands of the Founder of the Academy, the labor market, the research and logistics resources of the Academy and requirements for successful mastering of the educational program. 
 The Faculty actively implements the innovative training technologies and interactive forms of training into the educational process along with the traditional ones. The results of the state final examination show that the quality of the graduates training meets the requirements of the federal state educational standard for the specialty.

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